Fun New Ways to See Old Town Lviv

Editor’s Note: Anyone traveling to Lviv is encouraged to participate in a guided tour of the city to get a unique insider’s view of the local history, legends, culture and cuisine. We asked one of Lviv’s best guides, Ihor Lylo of Kumpel Tour, to describe a few of his company’s excursions and share his insights about the latest tourism trends:

In recent years the tourism market has changed appreciably.  An ever-growing number of visitors are looking for new, colorful and dynamic experiences and discoveries. Lviv has become fashionable as a unique and extraordinary city.  Today, it is no longer sufficient to guide a person through the old part of town and talk about its history.  Tourists are increasingly demanding tours that encompass several interesting elements. 

Enjoying a lighter moment on a Lviv rooftop. (Credit: Kumpel Tour).

For us, our rooftop tour –“Lviv on the Verge of the Sky” — has become the most popular.  Within this excursion we’ve incorporated several observation decks with lovely views.  Along the way we show travelers the city.  This is a nice opportunity to enjoy multiple pleasures.  If you want a beautiful photo and a unique selfie – you must join this tour. Almost all the rooftops are accessible by elevator so it’s very convenient for various visitors.

Gastronomic tours have also become very popular in “the city of (hungry) Lions.”  Participating in one of these gives you a true “taste” of Lviv.  People don’t just stroll around the city.  They make several stops for a nibble and a sip at very original restaurants and cafes. We’ve been promoting Galician cuisine for many years now.  We think it’s an important part of Ukrainian identity.  As they say, you are what you eat!

Beets are a common part of Galician cuisine, be it in a traditional or a contemporary presentation. (Credit: Kumpel Group)

For guests who like active recreation, the ideal choice is an excursion by bicycle. There’s a very safe route that allows you to see the entire old town area in two to three hours without getting tired.

Before arriving in Lviv it’s advisable to check the city’s events calendar and if you’re lucky you will catch one of the numerous festivals that take place throughout the year. 

For groups interested in Ukrainian literature or art, we organize individual programs, the highlight of which is the opportunity to meet and chat with famous writers, artists and personalities. 

These personalized interactions are a wonderful way to experience the country not simply as a tourist (an outsider) but to find new friends and inspiration here.

Our main goal at Kumpel Tour is to have people fall in love with Ukraine and Lviv!

Photo at top of page: Ihor Lylo, in the red shirt, leads tourists on a bicycle excursion through the historic center of Lviv. (Photo courtesy of Kumpel Tour).