Currency & Tipping

The official currency of Ukraine is the hryvnia (UAH).  As of January 2021, the exchange rate is approximately:

28 USD to 1 UAH
34 EUR to 1 UAH
39 GBP to 1 UAH

The current official exchange rate can be found at the National Bank of Ukraine website.

Hryvnias are required to pay for goods and services in Ukraine.

Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks and numerous exchange bureaus throughout the country. Exchange points will often not accept coins, worn or torn bills, or bills less than 10.

Credit cards are widely accepted (American Express less so) and contactless payment is becoming increasingly popular.


A service charge is generally not included in the bill in Ukraine.

Leaving a tip (“chayovi” or “na chai” – literally meaning “money for tea”) of up to 10% has become the norm; however, the decision is ultimately yours based on the quality of service.

Bars and restaurants – 10% for good service. Best to leave cash, as tips can seldom be added to the bill.

Cafes – you’ll often find a tip jar at the register. Spare change or bills are always appreciated.

Taxis – if paying by cash, round up to the nearest 10 or more for good service (drivers often will not be able to make exact change). Services like Uber allow you to add a tip at your discretion when paying by credit card.

Spas, salons, tour guides – 10%, pay in cash