Everything Starts in Kyiv” is the Ukrainian capital’s official promotional motto and even if your exploration of Ukraine doesn’t start here


If Ukraine has a city that can naturally bear the title of “Gateway to the West” it is certainly Lviv – not […]


Ukraine’s most famous port city is Odesa, which is situated on the north coast of the Black Sea. It was founded in […]


Ivano-Frankivsk is one of Ukraine’s most pleasant major cities with architecturally attractive, cafe-lined and pedestrian-friendly streets.


Poltava is the site of one of the most decisive battles in Ukrainian and European history. The defeat of allies Ukrainian


Although Kharkiv may not be on everyone’s list of top tourist destinations in Ukraine due to its traditional industrial economic base


Another mighty Ukrainian industrial city, Dnipro, takes its name from the magnificent Dnipro River

Facts And Figures

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Travel Agencies

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation partners with the following travel agencies: Vacanture Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine Dunwoodie Travel Bureau, Ltd Yonkers New York Phone: […]