Ukrainian for Beginners

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Signs You Need to Recognize!

?????? –  Toilet

???????? Restaurant

????– Entrance

?????– Exit

??????Train Station

???????- Police/Police Station

Words that might help you!

??????! (Preeveet)– Hi!

???????????! (Dopobachennya)- Goodbye!

??? (Tak) Yes

?? (Nee) No

????? (mozhna)–  literally translates to may/can but in conversation can mean many things: “May I?” “Can I see that?” “Yes, you can”

?????! (Deeyakuyou) – Thank you! (literally “I thank you”)

??????????! (Dopomozheet!) – Help!

For more language practice go to Before You Know Itfor free electronic Flash Cards!

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  1. it is quite sad that most train stations these days are horrendously overloaded “”

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