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27 Oct

Reflections on a summer in Dnipropetrovsk

I’m sitting in the backseat of a small compact car trying to gain my bearings as the rain comes pouring [&hellip

15 Jun


Sometimes its hard to find good information about traveling in Eastern Ukraine. However, that is not to say there isn’t [&hellip

1 Jun

My Favorite Story

By Scotty Colson I was in Krasnodon as part of the Community Partner’s program. Birmingham and Krasnodon were matched up. [&hellip

21 May

For Ukraine

For the beauty of Ukraine I paused, I paused to contemplate. I contemplate the land and its changing contours. I [&hellip

19 Apr

Welcome to Kiliya!

I arrived in the south of Odessa oblast,  the town of Kiliya,  in the late summer. The trees were vibrantly [&hellip

9 Apr

Another Great Teaching Experience!

Recently an American teacher had an experience similar to my own in Ukraine.  He was utterly impressed by the language [&hellip

30 Mar

Flower Mart 2010: A Salute to Ukraine!

Come Join Travel To Ukraine at this year’s National Cathedral Flower Mart in Washington, D.C.  Experience Ukrainian Culture, Food, and [&hellip

30 Mar

Yalta Conference Coming Up Summer 2011!!!

Energy Independence Globally By Harry Stevens, RPCV Ukraine “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what [&hellip

22 Mar

Hardworking and Ready for New Challenges

Jenny Heintz, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer 2007-2009 In the summer of ‘08 and ‘09 I had the pleasure of teaching [&hellip

12 Mar

Don’t use this airline!

Do you have a travel story like this? Share it with us! DRUNK

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