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27 Feb

Captivating Sofiyivsky Park in Uman

This park is a famous example of a lavish landscape-garden design and is built around themes from Homer’s Odyssey and [&hellip

23 Feb

Koktebel: Sun-kissed Beach Resort on Black Sea

Koktebel is a small Black Sea resort town nestled against the mountains of Kara Dag in Crimea. Koktebel has a [&hellip

22 Feb

Staryy Krym: Step Back Centuries

Visiting Staryy Krym in Crimea is like grasping a bit of history in your hand. In fact, the name of [&hellip

20 Apr

Bakhchisaray: The glorious Khan’s Palace and more!

In Bakhchisaray, the must-see is the Khan’s Palace (“Hansaray”) that dates back to the 1500s. It was the center of [&hellip

30 Apr

May 9th: Celebrating Victory Day in Lutsk, Ukraine

In most of the former Soviet Union, May 9 still marks Victory Day, a holiday commemorating the capitulation of the [&hellip

7 Apr

Happy Easter!

This year the Orthodox and Catholic calendars actually coincided, so Easter in both the US and Ukraine was this past [&hellip

18 Mar

Celebrations of Summer!

Jenny Heintz, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer 2007-2009 Ivana Kupala, celebrated on July 6-7 in Ukraine, was originally a pagan festival [&hellip

15 Mar

Great Guide for L’viv

Check out L’viv in you Pocket! There is a free PDF download with a map!

9 Mar

Babucya’s: Ukraine’s Living History

Jenny Heintz, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer March 9, 2010 Ukraine’s most valuable asset, despite its beautiful countryside and historic buildings, [&hellip

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