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30 Apr

May 9th: Celebrating Victory Day in Lutsk, Ukraine

In most of the former Soviet Union, May 9 still marks Victory Day, a holiday commemorating the capitulation of the [&hellip

26 Apr

24th Anniversary of Chornobyl Disaster April 26

On April 26, 1986 the city of Chornobyl, Ukraine was transformed.  Chornobyl became infamous as the most serious nuclear disaster [&hellip

22 Apr

Varennyky! A Ukrainian Must

You might know them as pirogi, or dumplings, but I know these delicious bites as Varennyky! Varrenyky are a dish [&hellip

19 Apr

Welcome to Kiliya!

I arrived in the south of Odessa oblast,  the town of Kiliya,  in the late summer. The trees were vibrantly [&hellip

9 Apr

Another Great Teaching Experience!

Recently an American teacher had an experience similar to my own in Ukraine.  He was utterly impressed by the language [&hellip

7 Apr

Happy Easter!

This year the Orthodox and Catholic calendars actually coincided, so Easter in both the US and Ukraine was this past [&hellip

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